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About Us


Nice Denim factory view

A world class denim fabric manufacturer in Bangladesh, based in Sreepur, Gazipur. Nice Denim Mills Ltd is currently the largest mill in the denim industry which boats with highly skilled management team & a wealth of experience into the denim industry. Nice Denim is a complete composite (Fully integrated in a single compound) that consists of Spinning, Ball Warping, Rope Dyeing, L.C.B, Sizing, Weaving, Finishing, Inspection and pilot washing.

We are capable to producing 72 million yard of denim annually. In addition, We are introduce Commercial Production with G 2 Dynamic EDGE 235 OXYGEN Finish (Less Water, Chemical and Electricity). In addition, We have introduced the Morrison, Greenville and Smartech brand in Rope Dyeing with the production capacity 241000 Metter per day. we have also established a world class ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) Plant Facility that ensures environmentally compliant effluent conforming to standards set by the Bangladesh government. Furthermore, we are also concentrating on various CSR initiatives.

What we offer?

The denim products are made in a variety of constructions using Ring Spun Yarn form Comb to compact, open End, Structured yarn and blended Spandex yarn. Various Dyeing colors and Finishing processes create new value added looks and unique shades.
72 Million Yards of Denim Annually
In addition, We have our own garments with a capacity of approximately 2.5 million garments pieces monthly with fabric composition of 100% cotton, Cotton blended poly, Blended spandex, pure lyocel, pure and bended viscose, we have introduced the Greenville brand in Rope Dyeing with the production capacity of 38 million yards per annum.
All our Businesses and all our people have adopted these Values with understanding and enthusiasm. All of them have made a consistent effort to make our Values, the heartbeat of our existence. In doing so, not only the Values flourished but also our people and our Businesses. As we look back, we have every reason to celebrate and every person to salute.

Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    • To ensure customer-suitable and cost-effective production technology
    • To conquer tomorrow’s market place today
    • To evolve a cost-effective system for integrating continuous quality improvement efforts of the people at all levels in our organization, leading to total quality Management.
    • To inspire all employees of the organization towards improved quality of life, thereby focusing everyone towards beating the best.
  • Our Vission

    To be a premium global conglomerate, with a clear focus on denim apparel and textile industry from Bangladesh. Going forward, Nice Denim would be the bright and preferred investment for denim brand and investors. Integrating vertically, Nice Denim would meet quick turnaround for the discerning fast fashion customers.
  • Our Values

    Acting and taking decisions in a manner that is fair and honest. Following the highest standards of professionalism and being recognised for doing so. Integrity for us means not only financial and intellectual integrity, but encompasses all other forms as are generally understood.

Our Skills

Having been in the Denim industry for over 3 years, Nice Denim has been investing in improving quality and commitment as these are the main factors in retaining business. That is the secret to our success. Having invested in new R & D, we are sure that once you feel the product in both denim fabric and garments there will be no need to go elsewhere. Nice Denim offers the best and the matchless combination of product, price and commitment.



Working Hours

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Chief Executive Officer

As a chief Executive Officer of Noman Group, Ms. Nur-E-Yasmin Fatima oversees the marketing and operations of the group. Under her leadership, the two most prominent units. (Nice Denim and Nice Fabrics.)

Abdullah Mohammad Saad Hossain

Abdullah Mohammad Saad Hossain

Abdullah Mohammad Saad Hossain

Managing Director

Mr. Abdullah Mohammad Saad Hossain is also a Director of Noman Group. He has been involved in Textile and Garments sector for a Decade. He played a pivotal role in making the organization operations more...

Shamiha Khadija Saan

Shamiha Khadija Saan

Shamiha Khadija Saan

Director- Business Development

Shamiha Khadija Saan is also a Director of Noman Group. He has been involved in Business Development and Online Ecommerce solution in Textile and Garments sector..